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Rosco Petroavance Limited

Rosco Petroavance Limited, formerly English Drilling Equipment Company Limited (Edeco) was founded by Mr. Elgen Scott on the 21st of April 1950. In those early days, oil companies imported most of their equipment directly as there were few local suppliers. Mr. Scott realized the potential of forming a business around importation & distribution of Oilfield Equipment and associated supplies. Edeco was very successful, and grew rapidly to become a leading supplier, representing many quality manufacturers.
Some (34) years later during the oilfield slow down, Edeco was changed to Rosco Sales Limited. Then, in 1995, Mr. Walter Bernard along with Agostini Limited, purchased Rosco Sales Limited and it became a subsidiary of the Agostini Group of Companies. Always looking to expand, Rosco acquired 100% shares of Petroavance Trinidad Limited in 2000. In 2005 both companies merged, and the Company’s name was changed to Rosco Petroavance Limited.

Present Day Operations:
Rosco Petroavance Ltd over the years has expanded and diversified into other sectors and currently imports and distributes products to the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction and Marine Sectors in Trinidad. Each of these sectors requires specific products, specialized personnel, equipment and management. We have recognized these requirements and established Six (6) Divisions, managed by individuals with long experience in their fields. Oilfield Equipment Division, Rig Spares Division, Valves Division, Hydraulic Division and Safety Division all of which are fully supported by our Service Division.

The Big Picture – Our Future:
Rosco Petroavance Ltd as part of the Agostini Group of Companies has the capacity and capabilities to continue to be a major player in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Process Industries in which we presently operate. With Dedication to Quality, we have built a company with Quality Employees supporting Quality Products & Quality Services. For the past Sixty (60) years this Dedication to Quality has brought with it the dedication of our customers. For this, we are truly grateful, and look forward to another 60 years…

Our Management Team

Rosco operates within the safe practices and HSE standards of the Energy Sector. In 2006, the Energy Chamber implemented the Safe To Work (STOW) certification programme for companies’ HSE Management Systems, making prequalification a requirement, before services could be offered in Trinidad & Tobago’s Energy Industry. Rosco became STOW certified in 2011.

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